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Donating to the Tate/White legal case.

Donations may be made by sending cash or check to:

Tate/White Fund

P.O. Box 1090

Conway, AR   72033

No names will ever be revealed to the Grand Lodge.   All monies will go to legal fees.  

It should be mentioned that the Tate/White lawsuit will continue, regardless of the amount of donations received.   They are willing to fund the entire case, if necessary.  But, it would be very encouraging for Masons from across the state to step up and help with this fight.   Many men have commented about the wrongs of the current Grand Lodge, but few have been willing to join the effort to reform and save Freemasonry in Arkansas.

This is your opportunity to contribute to the effort to return AR Freemasonry to it's true roots.   Any donation, large or small, will help to restore friendship, morality, and Brotherly love.    Three traits that are now sadly missing in the operations of the AR Grand Lodge.