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It seems that the favored term of Carl is 'HEARSAY.'   Whenever he is contacted by an AR Mason about wrongdoing by a fellow mason, he simply chooses to label the allegations as 'HEARSAY' and thus shut down any investigation.   Obviously, this term is reserved only for his cronies and supporters.   Others are freely charged and tried.   Perhaps Carl can somehow find the funds to invest in a good dictionary so that he can look up and read the definition of terms he so freely and ignorantly uses in his daily, corrupt conversations.

Whatever happened to the charges filed by Hedges' wife against Carl?

Why haven't charges been filed against Franks for perjury?

Why are known liars, thieves, and embezzlers tolerated at Green Grove Lodge?   Any attempts to pursue wrongdoing on 3 or 4 members is simply met with Carl's label of 'HEARSAY.'   How can it be hearsay, when gross theft was seen and confronted.   But, the transgressors were simply given a pass.   One of them is still a WM in a small Faulkner Co. Lodge.   The other cost the lodges of the county the County Fair Parking fundraiser that had been a crucial source of funds for many local lodges for many years.   Yet, the two thieves are still in good standing.   Not to mention some members of that lodge who are guilty of the charges against Tate-White, but they remain silent to protect themselves and their ability to 'play lodge.'  Where has 'friendship, morality, and brotherly love' gone in AR?   Or, personal honor and responsibility?  Especially at Green Grove Lodge.   No wonder so many good brothers have quit attending there.

Seems the Grand Lodge is ignoring the appeal of Tate-White.   Probably a big mistake.   These men will not just go away.   Hopefully, The Bobbsey Twins (Billie Joe and Carl) will yet get their chance to answer the 60 Plus interrogatories, and testify in front of 12 jurors.

Perhaps Brad Phillips can be a breath of fresh air, if he can avoid being removed by Carl before February.   Any future Grand Master could do wonders for the betterment of AR Masonry by repealing many of the Bobbsey Twins rulings, edicts, and abuses of power.