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It appears that it is time to go outside the State of Arkansas for help in 'draining the swamp' at the Grand Lodge.   The corruption and political connections simply run too deeply within the entrenched Arkansas 'good ole boy' system.   The outrageous lies in the Weatherall trial show that we are currently being controlled by a group of thugs without any moral compass.   It appears to include the entire group of PGM's, with only a couple of exceptions, at least according to the affidavits given in the Weatherall case.   Time for all of them to be charged and expelled.   It is obviously too much to expect that they would do the honorable thing, that being to 'self-expel' for the good of Masonry so that the healing can begin in Arkansas.  

The FBI should be contacted by any brother who agrees with the above statements (   In addition, Little Rock television stations that promise 'if you have a question about something in your community, contact us' should be notified of the corruption of the entire Grand Lodge line and PGM's.   From the Grand Lodge's backing down under your pressure to issue an assessment at their called meeting in North Little Rock, it shows that adverse publicity is what the GL fears.   As when cockroaches run for cover when light is shined upon them, the Grand Lodge also doesn't want any light shined upon their misdeeds.   As in the current threats of charges for online communications.   What happened to our First Amendment rights??   Oh, yes, I forgot.   We 'contracted them away when we became Masons.'

Brothers, unite.   Only with continued pressure and publicity will we rid ourselves of the vermin that has overtaken our Grand Lodge!!  The alternative is to do nothing, allowing the current regime at the GL to continue their lying, scams, and abuse of member Masons.   Sadly, it seems too many brothers prefer to pretend nothing is amiss, and to keep their heads in the sand.   That is precisely what has enabled the corruption to advance each year in February meetings.   Hopefully, this year will be different.  But, it will only happen with the efforts of good Masons who want to return Freemasonry in Arkansas to it's founding principles.    Show BJH and Carl that 'enough is enough.'